Month: May 2012

The 101: Pocket Squares

Written for HYPEBEAST

A drastic style shift has occurred within the last few years of menswear. This current decade is now home to countless brands offering meticulously tailored, handcrafted garbs capable of standing the test of time and wear. Opening their eyes to uncharted inspirations, men began to conjure up more and more sartorial experiments that are not only seen on today‚Äôs runways but also on our local sidewalks. This transition has lead to a resurgence in traditional design, taking classics that were once branded as outdated and reinterpreting them with modern cuts, materials and of course, a modern attitude. From the Middle Ages to today, one subtle piece that has been recently reintroduced as a wardrobe necessity for every man is the once utilitarian-turned-decorative accessory the handkerchief, or more elegantly named, the pocket square. (more…)