Month: June 2012

HYPEBEAST Approved: Bottle Openers

Written for HYPEBEAST

This encouraging tale goes out to my amiable peers coerced into the early stages of alcoholism by way of attaining the “Social Drinker” badge in Foursqaure. Sure my leg instinctively starts twitching at my prison-like cubicle around 1pm as I begin to romanticize about bear-hugging the only man that has ever truly understood me (I need you Sam Adams). But that doesn’t make me an alcoholic (step one to the road of recovery is denial). I’m just another man that enjoys spending time with my friends adding to a long list of stale, overused, movie inspired inside jokes, temporarily freeing me from the financial responsibility we all wish would just disappear. I’m coming for you Sallie Mae! (more…)