Month: September 2012


Written for HYPEBEAST

During 2012, I developed my very own advice column for HYPEBEAST, titled Ill-Fits. The above link will bring you to each of my five write-ups, while the description below accompanied each of them.

“As HYPEBEAST’s readership continues to grow, so does the size of our inbox. From props and complaints, to line sheets, aspiring brands and PR companies, we are constantly getting hit up by many of our loyal readers for various reasons. We’re making a conscious effort to respond to all of you guys and with the help of our contributing editor and native New Yorker, Robert Marshall, we’re creating a new op-ed installment titled ILL-FITS. Primarily intended to answer the messages from all of you style advice seekers, Robert Marshall will tackle one of your questions and we’ll post it up here for you to contribute to the discussion.”