Month: July 2013

Is the Internet Making Us All Dress the Same?

Written for HYPEBEAST

Since ancient times, trade has organically positioned itself as a catalyst for trans-cultural diffusion. Its centralized marketplace is more than just an arena for the trading of goods and services; it also creates a forum for the inquisitive to share in the transmission of ideologies, religion, history, customs, art, etc. So as buyers and sellers become more familiar with one another – as in trading more frequently and sharing more product – the proverbial floodgates give way to a river of cultural content exchange that over time travels to the remaining respective populations, thus blurring the lines that once distinguished these particular groups from one another. This phenomenon is often referred to as acculturation or assimilation, where the Western world’s impact on developing nations can be seen as a prime example. Moreover, its effect on particular industries sees the birth of a globalized market in which people from various walks of life share similar wants, values, choices and even purchasing habits. (more…)