HYPEBEAST Approved: Pens

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The pen – a resourceful writing utensil used in conjunction with ink or a similar substance – dates back thousands of years to the inventive Egyptian civilization, which to no coincidence is also credited for developing the first paper-like material from the papyrus plant. Looking to enhance efficiency when documenting their rich history, early scribes fashioned what is now referred to as the reed pen from reed straw or bamboo, serving an important role in the evolution of calligraphy and language. Future innovations saw the emergence of the longstanding quill pen which utilized bird feathers and a bottle of dipping ink. Calligraphers then fabricated pens with metal nibs, or tips, to aid writers of longer, more comprehensive texts. And lastly, contemporary creations like the fountain and ballpoint pen have aided in shaping this vastly accessible instrument into the world’s most powerful tool against chaos and injustices. (more…)


Written for HYPEBEAST

During 2012, I developed my very own advice column for HYPEBEAST, titled Ill-Fits. The above link will bring you to each of my five write-ups, while the description below accompanied each of them.

“As HYPEBEAST’s readership continues to grow, so does the size of our inbox. From props and complaints, to line sheets, aspiring brands and PR companies, we are constantly getting hit up by many of our loyal readers for various reasons. We’re making a conscious effort to respond to all of you guys and with the help of our contributing editor and native New Yorker, Robert Marshall, we’re creating a new op-ed installment titled ILL-FITS. Primarily intended to answer the messages from all of you style advice seekers, Robert Marshall will tackle one of your questions and we’ll post it up here for you to contribute to the discussion.”

HYPEBEAST Approved: Bottle Openers

Written for HYPEBEAST

This encouraging tale goes out to my amiable peers coerced into the early stages of alcoholism by way of attaining the “Social Drinker” badge in Foursqaure. Sure my leg instinctively starts twitching at my prison-like cubicle around 1pm as I begin to romanticize about bear-hugging the only man that has ever truly understood me (I need you Sam Adams). But that doesn’t make me an alcoholic (step one to the road of recovery is denial). I’m just another man that enjoys spending time with my friends adding to a long list of stale, overused, movie inspired inside jokes, temporarily freeing me from the financial responsibility we all wish would just disappear. I’m coming for you Sallie Mae! (more…)

The 101: Pocket Squares

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A drastic style shift has occurred within the last few years of menswear. This current decade is now home to countless brands offering meticulously tailored, handcrafted garbs capable of standing the test of time and wear. Opening their eyes to uncharted inspirations, men began to conjure up more and more sartorial experiments that are not only seen on today’s runways but also on our local sidewalks. This transition has lead to a resurgence in traditional design, taking classics that were once branded as outdated and reinterpreting them with modern cuts, materials and of course, a modern attitude. From the Middle Ages to today, one subtle piece that has been recently reintroduced as a wardrobe necessity for every man is the once utilitarian-turned-decorative accessory the handkerchief, or more elegantly named, the pocket square. (more…)

Materials & Patterns: Fair Isle

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In today’s post recessionary economy designers and consumers alike are more inclined to supply and demand garments that can procure the timeless moniker – a traditionally crafted item with authenticity and durability at the forefront of its defining characteristics. The frugal yet informed shopper wants to insure that his or her timeless piece was made with the same passion and care as its vintage counterpart, from the selection of raw materials, all the way up to its merchandising. As brands experiment with forgotten patterns and fabrics blending classical influences with contemporary design, the fashion realm and its subjects are realigned with superior alternatives to mass-produced products. Case in point, Fair Isle knits. (more…)

Nike 2012 Olympic Innovation Summit Recap

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For the iconic athletic apparel purveyor Nike, Tuesday dawned a new age in cutting edge design and technical material production, likely leading to unimaginable levels of human potential. CEO Mark Parker, along with a supporting cast of preeminent Nike athletes and top Creative Directors, hosted what they labeled an “Innovation Summit” at Basketball City in New York, where I on behalf of HYPEBEAST had the esteem privilege to attend. (more…)

Rashad “thaPoet” – Put Ya 2’s Up Music Video

Winner of Best Video at the 2012 Nashville Independent Music Awards, “Put Ya 2’s Up” is the lead single off Rashad “thaPoet”‘s 2011 LP The Journey Back. An activist, actor and award-winning spoken word artist, Rashad enlisted my aid as a stylist to bring an added aesthetic to his visual interpretation. With the song’s conscientious motif and Rashad’s humbling resume, I wanted his wardrobe to pay homage to one of the world’s greatest civil rights martyr’s, his hero Malcolm X. The stark contrast of his black and white attire against the dilapidated urban landscape paralleled Rashad’s candidly conscious lyrics laced over Ski Beatz’s jazzy trumpets.

Check out the video after the jump. (more…)